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How We Manufacture The Garment:-
Garment manufacturing is not only a labour intensive industry but also involves various complex and cumbersome processes, which have to be efficiently managed. Selection of the right fabric, right colours,excellent styles and durable packing is a pre requisite for customer satisfaction. We have a varied exposure and experience to handle these tasks effectively. Our major part of garment exports market consists of USA, Japan, Australia & some European countries.
Manufacturing Process
Item Code: GF-01
Item Code: GF-02
Item Code: GF-03
Item Code: GF-04
Item Code: GF-05
Item Code: GF-06
Item Code: GF-07
Item Code: GF-08
Item Code: GF-09
Item Code: GF-10
Item Code: GF-11
Item Code: GF-12
Item Code: GF-13
Item Code: GF-14
Item Code: GF-15
Manufacturing Process

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